Musical or logical-mathematical? The hypothesis of the multiplicity of the types of intelligence is today confirmed by scientists.

The idea of the multiplicity of types of intelligence was expressed in the 1980s by psychologist Howard Gardner (Howard Gardner). Today, studies of brain activity confirmed its hypothesis, identifying the zones that are responsible for seven types of thinking:

  1. Interpersonal – thanks to him, we can recognize emotions, understand the motives of behavior and guess the intentions of other people.
  2. Spatial-visual is responsible for orientation on the terrain, understanding of visual images, parameters of

    physical bodies.

  3. Logical and mathematical operates in numbers and abstract categories.
  4. Verbally linguistic is responsible for understanding the speech, structure of the language and meaning of words.
  5. Bodily-kinesthetic is the ability to control the body, recognize sensations and control movements.
  6. Intrapersonal allows you to understand our own emotions and desires.
  7. Musical – the ability to understand harmony, rhythm, mood of a musical work.

For more details see. Cervaau&PSYCHO, 2015, No. 68.

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